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ROMIK: "Range Of Motion Is King"

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The Reality

The vast majority of the adult population lives with poor mobility and tight ropey muscles, which cause pain, decreased quality of life, and (in athletes) performance deficiencies.  The way to correct these issues lies in focused flexibility work and myofascial release therapies.

The Problem

Flexibility training and myofascial therapies take time, are perceived as boring, don't promise a flatter mid-section, and frankly... hurt when done correctly.  So, people by and large won't do it on their own.  

The Solution

First, give people LESS to do.  In other words, prescribe just a few things to work on (and I mean SERIOUSLY work on) that target the major issues that most people suffer from.  Because the truth is, if people could somehow find the time to improve in just a few critical areas, there lives and performance would improve dramatically.  

The ROMIK prescription

Strive, with relentless determination, for better mobility in the quads, hips, hamstrings, and shoulders.  Now, that's an oversimplification, as there are other muscles and joints involved.  But that doesn't really matter. What does matter is making better mobility as attainable and as user friendly as possible, because the only mobility program that will work is the one that people will do.



1. Stretch "The big 3" 

  • quads/hip flexors 
  • hamstrings 
  • glutes/hip rotators

2. Myofascial work 

  • Foam rolling 
  • Pain ball 
  • professional massage/ART

 3. Position work for OHS/FS

  • OHS squat holds
  • FS holds
  • Dynamic shoulder mobility


*We currently have one ROMIK class on the schedule on Mondays at 1130am.