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Membership and Pricing info


Everyone starts here!

CrossFit Fundamentals Course

 (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 7pm)

  • $65 for the 3 class series.
  • Start with the Monday class and complete all 3 to be cleared to join our regular group classes.
  • CrossFit Fundamentals is designed to safely and effectively introduce you to the movements, methods, and demands of CrossFit.
  • REGISTER by clicking here.

 *Can't make the Fundamentals times work in your schedule?  Just email us to schedule a private introduction instead.



Unlimited Membership (attend as many classes as you like)

  • month-to-month unlimited, no contracts: $165/mo 

*Monthly discounts available for additional family, students, military, police, fire.

  • 6 month unlimited pre-pay: $900 ($150/mo)
  • 12 month unlimited pre-pay: $1680 ($140/mo, like 2 months free!)



Private/Semi-Private Training (Members): 


  • 8 pack: $496 (only $62/session)
  • 12 pack: $720 ($60/session)
  • 24 pack: $1392 ($58/session)
  • 36 pack: $2016 ($56/session, best value!)


  • 8 pack: $320 (only $40/session/person)
  • 12 pack: $456
  • 24 pack: $1392 (best value!) 


Private/Semi-Private Training (non-members)

  • $85/session (flat rate)
  • $60/session/person (flat rate)



 Class Punch Card

  • 10 classes: $220
  • No membership required, but you still must first attend Fundamentals.
  • Recommended for experienced CrossFitters and those training elsewhere in addition to their time here, as it's difficult to effectively make progress without consistency.