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Monday February 14, 2011



So I was standing in line at REI yesterday and I started reading the headlines of these endurance sport magazines and noticed a little trend emerging.  So, like any normal person standing in line would do, I took pictures of the covers.  And check it out; all three have headlines related to strength training and the first one even features CrossFit specifically.  This may mean that the athletes in the "long and slow" crowd are starting to get it.  They may be realizing now that CrossFit, and strength training in general, not only makes them faster, but also (and in my opinion more importantly) makes them healthier.  Spread the word!

On a related note, yesterday I participated in Threshold Racing's burn series triathlon.  I had a great time and felt pretty good.  I wasn't the fastest by any stretch of the imagination, but the race was definitely doable (and with a little smarter pacing, I think I could have done much better).  I hadn't swam for exercise in years so I'm thankful it was only 8 laps, but it was fun getting back in the water.  The Wattbikes worked brilliantly as the cycling component, and the run had some surprisingly tough hills.  

Anyway, back when I used to run/bike/swim consistently and competitively, I probably could have beat my current 10 year older CrossFitting self in today's race.  But not by that much, and I'll tell you what, I couldn't have done 30 pullups back then or deadlifted 400lbs.  NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.  So who's fitter? The 26yr old newly married me with no kids and no real responsibilities, or the 36yr old me with 3 kids, a mortgage, and 7 years into my own business.  Well, I think you know... and that's pretty cool.


C.A.T.  training schedule

Mon: double

Tues: single

Wed: double

Thurs: off

Fri: double

Sat: single

Sun: off


For the 3rd round of "repeat monday's" I thought we'd do something a little different... a benchmark WOD each week!  And I will say this, the benchmark workouts will be formidable ones for sure.  In other words, it's safe to say we won't be doing "Annie" (no offense, Annie... but seriously, just keeping it real, you are the easiest).

Okay, so for today... 



"Linda" a.k.a. three bars of death

10, 9, 8... 1 rep rounds for time of:

- Deadlift (1.5 bw)

- Bench press (bw)

- Clean (.75 bw, and make it a squat clean)

*If you're not doing this Rx, you'll probably need to share bench/bars.  Be smart about it, pair up with someone who's using a similar weight, and maybe stagger your start.  Rx folks, go in heats as necessary.



- whatever you're feeling, wherever you can fit it in. 


C.A.T. DD WOD #2

- 10k ride on Wattbike for time


*And if you didn't check in yesterday, scroll down and read the post.  It's worth it.


Post results and thoughts to comments.