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Friday May 25, 2012

**New CrossFitters: Our Fundamentals Course will run tue/wed/thu next week due to Memorial Day.

Gaines, I knew you were strong... but wow!  LOL! ...Caption contest time!!!




  • Memorial Day schedule:  We will be running our "holiday schedule" on Monday May 28th.  We will be open 8-10am for open gym (there will be a workout on the board), but we won't have any regular classes.
  • High School Sports Prep Class: This Summer we are going to run a high school sports prep class on M/W/F from 1-2pm.  So if you have a middle schooler who is hoping to play high school sports or just wants to improve his or her fitness, this is going to be perfect for them.


Class WOD

A. 3 HSPUs on the min for 15 min; choose the hardest version of the movement you can do.

B. "Rhiannon"

  • max double-unders in 10 min.

 C. 4 rounds:

  • 20 GHD situps
  • 20 sec. L-sit (cumulative, break it up as needed)




A. SMR: shoulders

B. OH band stretch 1 min/side

C. wall of death 2 min/side



Post results and thoughts to comments.