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Tuesday September 6, 2011

My renovation crew :)


*I'm sure you'll notice things look a little different in the lobby/reception area this week.  I am in the process of creating our Cadence store and just generally improving the look, feel, and functionality of our space.  Bear with us as we finish up the details.




- pigeon 2 min/side

- shoulder SMR work 5 min

- OHS hold 1 min






- Ring dips

- Pushups

Compare to November 10, 2010 


MetCon finisher

- 800m run for time (out and back 400m)



Post results and thoughts to comments.


Wednesday November 10, 2010

Jamie hitting his split jerk.


*C.A.T. double day


Class WOD (C.A.T. DD WOD #1)


- Wall of death or pigeon, you choose.

- shoulder ext. stretch (reaching behind you, like in a ring dip, but w straight arms)

- pain ball on shoulders if you've got issues

- front rack stretch or similar (think - help for getting ears to show in front of arms on OH movement)




21-15-9 rep rounds for time of:

- HSPUs (head to the ground!)

- ring dips (biceps/shoulders to the rings, and full lockout at top!)

- push-ups (chest to ground, seriously.  NOT belly button to ground.  LEAVE NO DOUBT!)

*Okay peeps, I realize this workout can get brutally hard in the muscle stamina category, but PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT LEGIT ROM! These could be the most bastardized 3 movements in CrossFit, so the coaches will be watching closely today for full ROM, especially to earn a deserved "Rx" next to your score.  If you do not hit full range on EVERY rep, and it is not repeated, then your workout is NOT Rx!  Now go get 'em.


Compare to April 13, 2010 or November 20, 2009



- 500m row for time; set a new PR


C.A.T. double day WOD #2

"Race thyself to race others"

- Start at Cadence, run down University (towards town) as far as you can in 10 min.  At exactly 10 min, stop in place and rest 2 min.  Then turn around and run back (for time) using the same route.  Your score is how far you got (so take a mental note at the turn around), but here's the deal, it only counts if you make it back in UNDER 10 min.  So you must go faster on the way back.

*If you get to Main St. in under 10 min, turn right and continue, turning right again on N. Santa Cruz if necessary.  Then just retrace your path on the way back... and yeah, you probably win.

*Yes, it's a race, but be careful of traffic.


Post results and thoughts to comments.


Tuesday April 13, 2010

Great new stuff from Roxie in the Paleo Journal! Check it out!

Shane and I in Thruster Hell at Sectionals.


*C.A.T. double day


Class WOD (C.A.T. DD WOD #2)


Hang squat clean: 5 x 7 (unbroken); try to add weight each set, rest as needed


3 rounds for time of:

- 500m row

- 25 burpees

- 400m run


- supine "contract-relax" ham stretch x 3/side

- supine "figure 4" glute/hip stretch 90 sec/side

- "pigeon" 90 sec/side


C.A.T. DD WOD #1


21-15-9 reps for time of:


- Ring dips

- Push-ups

*Pay extra attention to ROM and standards today.  Instead of rushing though it, make it as hard on yourself as possible by making your reps PERFECT.

*Compare to Nov 20th


Post scores and thoughts to comments.


Friday November 20, 2009

Thrusters and pull-ups at the new building.  


*All classes at the old gym today.  We're at the new building for good on Monday!




21-15-9 reps for time of:

- Handstand push-ups

- Ring dips

- Push-ups

*Some notes on today's workout: As Rx'd this is a brutal workout to finish.  However, as you scale the movements, trying to rush through the sets for a faster time becomes less effective.  The purpose of today's workout is to continue to build our strength for the Elizabeth retest.  If you're capable of full range HSPU's and ring dips, then by all means, go for it.  Otherwise, I want to see deliberate attempts to get full ROM on the following scaled versions of the movements.

- Piked bench HSPUs > get your hips over your shoulders and your head to the floor or mat on every rep.

- Jumping dips (rings or stable) > start at full ROM at the bottom of the dip then use your legs just enough to get you to the top at full extension.  Once there, hold for a count to practice stabilizing at the top and then come back down slowly touching down with your feet when you are as close to full depth as possible.

- Push-ups > As usual, get your chest to the floor.  But be sure and keep your hips and face away from the floor as you get lower.  Many of you have a tendency to drop your hips and head when it gets hard.  DON'T DO THAT!


Post time and thoughts to comments.