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Monday July 25, 2011

185# Squat Clean from Chelsea Ryan on Vimeo.


One. Hundred. Eighty. Five. Pounds.




  • You may have seen those black Cadence bar code cards laying around plus the new computer on the desk plus the scanner and put it all together already, but if not, here's what it means.  It means we have a new check-in system!  You will all receive a key card you can put on your key chain (thus helping spread the Cadence word and making your keys look way cooler) so that every time you come to class, you can scan it and check yourself into that class.  There are a number of reasons why this will be good for everyone (accurate attendance records, rewards programs, etc), but the bottom line is that it's absolutely critical that you remember to do this before each class.  We of course will help remind you to do so.



  • Today we will begin the somewhat daunting task of distributing the key cards to everyone.  Try to make sure you get one before you leave.



"Benchmark monday's" continue with a true favorite...




3 rounds for time:

- 400m run

- 21 kettlebell swings (53/35)

- 12 pullups

Compare to April 9, 2010


Post results and thoughts to comments.


Friday April 9, 2010

Push Ups by CrossFitCadence from Matthew Morales on Vimeo.


Get legit.  Get fit.

Nice video Matt!  And I love the idea of beginning a series on "How to CrossFit Rx".  Can't wait for the next one.

Here's my two cents on the matter.  

"Rx" is NOT just the weight you use, or the movements you perform.  It's also HOW you perform the movements.  While we have no intentions of nit-picking every angle of every aspect of every movement to the detriment of intensity (because that would be counter productive), there are basic ROM standards that really do make a difference in the quality of a movement, have an impact on your fitness progress, and significantly affect your score on a workout.  

Aaahhh yes, I remember how I got "20 rounds" of Cindy the first time I did it... then I learned what true ROM was and spent the next year working to get back up to a true 20 rounds.  Most people will experience this "regression" in their scores after learning to use full ROM, and that's okay.  In fact, it's a good thing.  It's like reinforcing the foundation on a house before laying a new floor.  It will only improve the end result.

We don't expect you to know automatically when you're not reaching full ROM on a movement, but we do expect you to learn, and make the effort.  So when we say stuff like, "get your chest to touch the ground", or "chin over the bar", or "crease of the hip below top of the knee", or "ball must clear the line", etc, etc... believe it or not, we mean these things LITERALLY.  They are not casual suggestions.  So once you learn what a legit rep is on a movement, remember what it feels like! Don't allow yourself to get away with anything less. 

That being said, we realize there are some physical limitations and strength deficiencies that can prohibit full range, but these are exceptions, and we know the difference between a true limitation and a lack of commitment to a movement.  This applies equally to Rx'd and scaled performances.  If you're scaling a workout, there are still standards you need to meet.  If you're unsure of the standard for a scaled movement, let us know and we'll help you set one for yourself.  For instance, if you can only get your knees to waist level on K2E, then just make sure you get them to that same point every time.  

Standards are a big part of what makes CrossFit so revolutionary.  Without them, it would be a flawed experiment. They allow fitness to be practiced like a sport, which is what promotes community and makes this so damn fun! So let's all make the commitment to give our best efforts to respect the standards of our sport. That way, no matter what our scores and times are, at least we'll know we're maximizing our results.  At least we'll know we're legit.

*For more on the subject, go back and read Chelsea's post to comments after sectionals on March 30th, and Jen's post on March 31st in response to her, they both make this point very well.


*C.A.T. double day


Class WOD (C.A.T. DD WOD #1)

CrossFit Benchmark


3 rounds for time:

- 400m run

- 21 KB swings (1.5pd/1pd)

- 12 Pull-ups



C.A.T. double day WOD

- Bench press 5 x 5; rest as needed

- Straight leg deadlift 4 x 10; back must remain flat, focus on hamstrings, rest as needed

rest 5 min.

- 150yd tire flip for time (6 laps of the patio)


Post results and thoughts to comments.