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Saturday January 8, 2011



*C.A.T. double day (resting 3 hours between workouts)


Class WOD (DD #2)

ROMIK focus

- Hip flexor wall of death... can you touch your butt to your foot yet? ...or touch the wall with straight arms above your head? ...all while keeping your knee on the wall.



- Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1... find your max for the day.



For time:

4 x 600m run; rest 3 min bt attempts

*For 600m, run out 200m, back to the start, then out 200 again.  Kinda like a 200m liner.


C.A.T. DD WOD #1

(Thurs MetCon)

3 rounds for time:

- (21-15-9) squat snatch

- (4-3-2) rope climb


Post results and thoughts to comments.