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Friday November 5, 2010

Ben Hinkle showing us what happens when you relax during a clean. Right before you catch a clean, you MUST be AGGRESSIVE with the elbows (pointing them straight ahead very quickly) and hold your CORE as STRONG as you can. On this lift Ben was very quick with his elbows but  lazy with his core and was not prepared to brace the load on his shoulders. The load fell forward causing him to shift his weight to his toes and eventually lose a lift that he was very capable of completing.   - Coach Matt




- "Big 3" + front rack & overhead reach stretches + torture ball on upper back/shoulders



- Snatch 1-1-1-1... for 20 min; rest as needed bt attempts. Post loads to comments.



"Filthy Finisher"

For time:

- 50 back extensions

- 50 wall ball shots (20/14 to 10ft)

- 50 burpees

- 50 double-unders


Compare to March 15 (C.A.T. DD) or March 18 (class WOD) 2010


Post results and thoughts to comments. 


Tuesday November 2, 2010

Spencer at the top of a muscle-up




- "big 3" (3 min/side today)



For time:

- 3 min. plank hold  *rest when you must, but for no more than 5 sec. at a time.

- 3 burpees per rest taken during plank (unbroken plank = no burpees... yet)

- 20 GHD sit-ups

- 20 burpees

- 20 GHD sit-ups

- 20 burpees

- 20 GHD sit-ups

- 20 burpees

- 3 min. plank hold *rest when you must, but for no more than 5 sec. at a time.

- 3 burpees for every rest taken during plank (unbroken plank = no more burpees!)


*Scale GHDs to ab mat sit-ups if you can't do the GHD's with Rx ROM (to the floor).



- Block run for time

*from now on, start and finish your block run from the bottom of the stairs on the sidewalk. Then record your times so you can compare future attempts.  If we always start and finish from the same place, you'll have more precise times to compare.

Compare to Feb 11, 2010


Post times and thoughts to comments.


Monday June 21, 2010

Hang in there 27! Only one more week!


Part 1:



-squat clean (135/95)

-ring dips

rest 5 min after part 1

Part 2:

snatch balance 5-5-5-5


Post results and thoughts to comments


Monday April 19, 2010

Single Leg Squat from Matthew Morales on Vimeo.



Happy Monday everyone! Here's the C.A.T. sched for the week:

Mon: double

Tues: double

Wed: single

Thurs: off

Fri: double

Sat: single

Sun: single


Class WOD (C.A.T. DD WOD #1)


AMRAP in 20 min of:

- 5 handstand push-ups

- 10 single-leg squats (5 on each side - you may alternate)

- 15 pull-ups



3 rounds:

- 30 sec. L-sit

- 1 min. plank

- 1 min. rest

*Spend as much of each "working" min. in the L-Sit/plank as possible.  When you need to rest, keep it short.



C.A.T. DD WOD #2

- Deadlift 6 x 3

- GHD raises or hip extension 3 x 15



For time:

- Sprint up Farley Rd.

*Start at the stairs, finish at the fire hydrant at the top of Farley on Winchester.


Post scores and thoughts to comments.


Friday March 5, 2010

Century club pull-up.  Rx'd weight = "one Hagan (hgn)".  Nice work Joey P.


CrossFit benchmark WOD


Clean and Jerk:  30 reps for time (135/95)


C.A.T. finisher (or anyone who didn't do yesterday's workout)

For time:

- 50 GHD sit-ups

- 100 Ab mat sit-ups


Post times and thoughts to comments.


Friday February 26, 2010

Too much??? ... don't worry, this wasn't from "Cindy".


Benchmark WOD


AMRAP in 20 min of: 

- 5 pull-ups (scaled to JPU's)

- 10 push-ups

- 15 squats

*I shouldn't have to say this... but RESPECT the ROM!  If you don't get your chin over the bar on pull-ups, your chest to the ground on push-ups, and your butt to the ball/below parallel on squats... IT DOESN'T COUNT!  Not only is it a bogus score, but you're short changing your own fitness too. 

...and on that note, good Luck!


Post scores and thoughts to comments.


Monday February 8, 2010

C.A.T. training schedule

Mon: single

Tues: single

Wed: single

Thurs: off

Fri: C.A.T. competition double

Sat: C.A.T. competition single

Sun: off



WOD (CF benchmark)


For time:

- 100 pull-ups

- 100 push-ups

- 100 sit-ups

- 100 squats

*If you are performing the workout Rx, I would like you to have a partner count your reps for you.  It's too difficult to keep track once you get tired.  


Post time to comments.


Thursday February 3, 2010

Suzanne in the middle of a T2B rep.

For all you ladies out there doing chronic cardio to burn those extra calories, here's an interesting study.  The results most likely can be transferred over to men also.  


  To determine the effects of a 15-week high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) program (compared to a steady state group) on subcutaneous and trunk fat and insulin resistance of young women.


Both exercise groups demonstrated a significant improvement (P<0.05) in cardiovascular fitness. However, only the HIIE group had a significant reduction in total body mass (TBM), fat mass (FM), trunk fat and fasting plasma insulin levels. There was significant fat loss (P<0.05) in legs compared to arms in the HIIE group only.  

Read the full abstract here

What can you take from this?  You DO NOT need to spend hours doing cardio when you get the same cardiovascular fitness results from shorter bouts of exercise, plus other health markers improve such as body mass and that ever so important hormone, Insulin.  Remember, the one we are trying to make sensitive through our Paleo diet this month.  Insulin sensitive means more efficiency at metabolizing fat.  Sounds like Crossfit!  Sounds a lot more fun than 2 hours on a treadmill!

Here is another excerpt from a doctor with tons of research on his blog about exercise.

 "Even though a person burns fewer calories sprinting on and off for five minutes than she does running for 30, she will still lose more fat and gain more muscle sprinting because of the metabolic shift that type of training produces. "

Read more about his strategies on fat loss here


*C.A.T. double day


Reg class WOD / CAT WOD #1

Snatch Complex

7 rounds for time of:

- 7 power snatch (95/65)

- 7 snatch balance

- 7 OHS


C.A.T. double day WOD


For time:

- 1000m row

- 50 thrusters (45lbs)

- 30 pull-ups


Post scores and thoughts to comments.


Friday January 8, 2010

Mark looking like he just rowed a sub 20 min. 5k... oh wait, he did!  Nice job Mark!

Benchmark WOD


AMRAP in 20 min. of:

- 5 pull-ups
- 10 push-ups
- 15 squats

Post rounds completed and time to comments.


Saturday December 19, 2009

 Our new kids' room.


A little something different for you guys today.  Let's test our work capacity as if this was a physical task you encountered in life and the speed at which you can get it done is vital to success.  So go after it, and have fun!  


For time:

- 50yd tire flip

- sandbag carry to top of Shellburne (45lb plate or 50lb dumbbell also acceptable)

- 15 burpees

- sandbag carry to top of Farley

- 15 burpees

- sandbag carry to old gym

- 3 rope climbs (if you can't climb the rope, do 50 bw lunges) 

- sandbag carry back to gym (finished with sand bag)

- 30 toes to bar

- 30 ball slams (20lbs)

- 190lb plate relocate (Move a stack of bumper plates one at a time 25yds and restack them)

- 30 box hops on your newly stacked plates

- Run 400m

*We'll be sending people through this one at a time.  After one person's tire flip has been completed, the next person will begin.  If someone catches you and there's only room for one at your station (rope climb for instance), let them "play through".  If you don't want to let anyone "play through", it's simple... just don't let anyone catch you.

Post time and thoughts to comments.


CAT double day WOD #1 (ideally, this should be done early (7am) - then you can rest 3-4 hours before doing the above chipper) 

- 30 handstand push-ups for time

 rest 3-5 min.

- Push/split jerk  2-2-1-1-1-1  *find "today's" 1RM.

*Yes, the HSPU's will affect your jerk, but remember, the jerk is all about powerful hip drive and quickness, so let's improve those elements today.

Post time on HSPUs and loads to comments.