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Monday August 30, 2010

Joey, flexing in front of the class... again.


Hey Y'all, I'm baaaaack!

After a little Summer vaca, I'm back on the programming and the blogging full time. Thanks to all the guys for helping out and for concocting some brutally good workouts for us.  So my first order of business to get EVERYONE posting to comments daily.  Not only does this strengthen our community and make the gym more fun, but it's also a great way to keep record of your workouts and track your progress. Notice down on the right column of the page we've archived most of the benchmark workouts we've done.  I'm going to start doing this for all of our benchmarks now including our non "WOD" benchmarks like 1 rep maxes, 500m rows, max rep pull-ups, etc.  Plus, anytime we repeat a workout I'll put a "compare to" link so you can go back and see if you've improved.  So start posting people!  And if you follow our programming from afar, like from another state, or country... or even from Courtside (and btw you Courtside "no one's holding me accountable for my standards" followers, you can't actually do the workouts justice there, so get your butts in here and start gettin' it done right)... START POSTING!

Now, regarding our workouts... The thing about developing broad, general, and inclusive fitness, or being CrossFit, is that there's a lot of crap to work on.  It's hard to get better at 50 things at once, especially when some of them inhibit progress on others like strength vs. endurance.  So while we'll always be trying to get better at everything, let's pick one element per month to really focus and improve on.

This month... gymnastics!  And I'm not just talking about muscle-ups and handstand push-ups, I'm talking about moving our bodies through space efficiently (hence the workout for today - the quintessential gymnastics "Girl")  Keep in mind we're still going to work on strength, Oly lifts, etc., but any extra work we put in will be focused on gymnastics.  


C.A.T. Athletes - hope you had a great Summer, but it's time to get back to work.  I know some of you have been hard at work, but others of us (including myself) haven't been quite as "on point".  So look for the occasional double day now, including an extra area of focus based on our individual strengths and weaknesses.  More on that tomorrow.

 C.A.T. weekly schedule

 Mon: Single

Tues: Double

Wed: Single

Thurs: off/bonus WOD

Fri: Single

Sat: Single

Sun: off


Today's WOD


 5 rounds for time of:

 - 20 pull-ups

- 30 push-ups

- 40 sit-ups

- 50 squats

 *rest exactly 3 minutes between rounds.



Post results and thoughts to comments... NO SERIOUSLY, post results and thoughts to comments.