Friday January 8, 2016
Thursday, January 7, 2016

Frankie was not feelin his workout yesterday...



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New 2016 membership rates (We're simplifying! ...No more contracts, only month-to-month and pre-pays!)





S&P Cycle: squat - pull - press - pull - OFF

A. 20 min skill practice: choose something you'd like to work on (MUs, DUs, kipping, handstand, etc)

B. 5 rounds, each for time:

*rest 2-3 min bt rounds





AMRAP in 40 min

50 pull ups
--400m run or row
50 wall balls
--400m run or row
50 sit ups
--400m run or row
50 HR push ups
--400m run or row
50 cals air bike
--400m run or row
50 box jumps
--400m run or row
50 DB power clean to press
--400m run or row






A. Power Clean; 10,10,10; rest 3 min - perfect mechanics All TnG

B. Clean DL; 2,2,1,1 rest 2-3 min


For time:

9 MUs

15 KBS 70/53

7 MUs

12 KBS 70/53

5 MUs

9 KBS 70/53



KIDS 3:30pm!

Michelle's last day! Noooooo....

*All kids, all ages, are invited for a fun workout and a little farewell gathering for our favorite kids coach!  





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