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Thursday December 10, 2015

Congrats to Cameron for getting his first muscle-up this week!




**Announcements, etc...**

  • SUNDAY HOURS CHANGE!  Apparently no one is taking advantage of the first hour of open gym on Sunday's, so our new Sunday open gym hours will be 9am to noon. 
  • THE PERFECT GIFT!  As a thank you to you guys, our awesome community, we're giving everyone the chance to give the gift of CrossFit this holiday season.  This month, all members will receive a credit for one free month of membership to give to a friend or relative to help them get started on their own CrossFit journey! I will be sending out an email with the details soon!  And nooo... it can't be used for your own memberships.  C'mon peeps, I have 4 kids, I know all the tricks in the book. ;)





S&P Cycle: squat - pull - press - pull - OFF

35 min @ ~ 75%

  • 1 mile run "buy in" 

then with time remaining,

  • 300m row
  • 5 yds handstand walk
  • 3 heavy deadlifts (no TnG, singles only)
  • 30 sec side plank hold
  • 30 sec side plank hold other side
  • 5 yds handstand walk







A. 1 min @ each x 3 rounds
Sit ups
Walking lunges

B. 21, 18, 15, 12, 9 , 6, 3:
Goblet squats
Bench Press

C. 21, 18, 15, 9, 6, 3:
Cals (air bike or row)
Russian twists each side





A. Squat Clean Cluster 1.1.1 x 5 sets, 3 min

B. Push Press. Push Jerk. Split Jerk, 3.2.1 x 3 sets, 5 min

C. Deadlift Heavy, 5 fast touch n go reps per min for 5 mins

D. 10 x 30 sec Double Unders/30 sec rest





A. 400m run
then 2 rounds of:
15 hollow arch swings
broad jumps (2 lengths of room)
1 min plank

 B. Back Squat:
after each set of squats do 8 pull up negatives

 C. "Fran"
pull ups





Post results and notes to comments.

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Reader Comments (1)

Class WOD
1 mile buy in = 7:39
5 RD's + 300 m row + 3 wall climbs (285# DL's, wall climbs for HS walks)

December 10, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRoss

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