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Saturday December 26, 2015

9amers doin' their thing this week.





Christmas eve: reg schedule through noon class.  Closed after that.

Christmas day: closed

Dec 26 - Dec 29: reg schedule

New year's eve:  reg schedule through noon class.  Closed after that.





S&P Cycle: on holiday... will return after the holidays!

A.  30 muscle-ups for time (or 15 min MU practice)

B. For time:


  • 400m sled push
  • 40 wall balls (20/14)
  • 40 hang pwr cleans (95/65)
  • 40 push press (95/65)
  • 40 walking back lunges (95/65)
  • 40 cal row






A. 3 rounds:
30 sit ups
20 Wall balls
10 burpees

400m run

B. 3 rounds:
30 DUs
20 lunges
10 ab wheels

400m run

C. 3 rounds:
30 mtn climbers
20 push ups
10 pull ups

400m run

D. 3 rounds:
300m row
20 box jumps
10 bench press

400m run





5 rounds for time:

1k row

15 pullups

15 thrusters 75/45

15 burpees






Post results and notes to comments.

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