Wednesday December 16, 2015
Tuesday, December 15, 2015

E-Dub hitting that bottom position like it's his job.




Christmas eve: reg schedule through noon class.  Closed at 3pm.

Christmas day: closed

Dec 26 - Dec 29: reg schedule

New year's eve:  reg schedule through noon class.  Closed at 3pm.

New year's day: Open gym 830am - noon, closed at 12pm.




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S&P Cycle: squat - pull - press - pull - OFF

For reps:



*running clock, no rest between movements.






A. 4 sets
30 sec crunches
30 sec bird dogs
30 sec superman hold

B. Alt TABATA x 5 sets @ each:
No push up burpees
DB ground to OH
Level changes

C. 3 rounds:
1k row/800m run/40 cal air bike
20 pull ups
20 HR push ups
20 air squats




 *rest day





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