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Sunday January 9, 2011

It's a bird... It's a plane... It's Super Nolan!


Rest day.


Interesting New York Times article on kids and eating disorders


This is a huge problem in our society.  However, I strongly believe that CrossFit will play a role in the solution. In CrossFit, we do not train specifically to look a certain way.  We train to be fit.  Appearance is merely a byproduct of our fitness.  This is a remarkably liberating feeling once you embrace it.  

This is especially significant for girls.  CrossFit emphasizes that, for a woman, it's a good thing to be strong.  It's empowering to be capable and fit.  Unfortunately, most of the moms in our society (even in our gym to some extent) remain hung up on the idea that they should look like skinny, unhealthy models.  Worse than that, they also have daughters!  And if you just said to yourself, "Oh no, no, no... I want to look like a yoooooga instructor, not a model"... don't kid yourself, there's NO difference.  The problem remains the same.  By constantly striving to be something you're not, you sabotage your own potential for health and fitness, and sabotage your daughter's in the process.   The truth is, that as a mother, if you continue to verbalize your desire to be "skinny", as opposed to fit, and deliberately attempt to restrict your bodies natural ability to develop muscle, you not only weaken yourself, and weaken our society, but you are also now part of the problem.  I challenge you, instead, to be part of the solution.  Be strong.  Be capable.  Be CrossFit.



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Reader Comments (1)

Great article and great post Josh! I can’t tell you all how strongly (no pun intended) I feel about this and how glad I am to see it on the site.

I came into Crossfit many years ago when I was trying to enter into a profession that required much more strength and conditioning than most trainers believed I was capable of. When Crossfit helped me to prove them wrong and earn a career, I never looked back. Now, my main focus is on being a Mom and it’s the feeling of being both mentally and physically strong that allows me to be the best parent I can be.

I know there are so many Moms, so many parents out there that believe they can’t change the way society views women, but think of this…

A girl is raised by her mother to value strength, capability and health.

She grows up knowing that strength is beautiful.

She recognizes her own unique strengths.

She stands up for herself, even when she has to stand alone.

She grows into a strong, independent woman.

She chooses a partner who loves her for her strengths so her relationship is healthy and lasting.

She has a daughter of her own, and when she looks in the mirror she sees a new version of the same woman, strong enough to carry another life.

Her daughter sees this strength, emulates it and the healthy cycle continues.

January 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLu

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