Wednesday December 15, 2010
Tuesday, December 14, 2010
twoseven in Max reps HSPUs, WB max watts

Matt, doing what looks like about a 65lb weighted pullup.



ROMIK warm-up

- w/ a little extra focus on shoulder mobility 



- max reps HSPUs x 4; rest as needed

*Scale to HSPU practice if necessary



4 rounds for time of:

- 5 muscle-ups (set rings 6" above max one arm standing reach)

- 15 burpees (touching both rings on every rep)

*Scale to...

4 rounds for time of:

- 5 strict ring pull-ups or 15 body rows

- 15 burpees (touching 6" above max reach)



- 4 attempts at max watts produced on Wattbike; rest as needed


Post results and thoughts to comments.

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